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Registration for Twine is a simple process, and regardless of whether you want to use Twine Volunteer or Twine Visitor, takes place on our Twine Volunteer smartphone app.

Benchmark is freely available at the link at the top of this page, and no registration is necessary.

To get started, download Twine Volunteer to your smartphone. The smartphone can be borrowed if needs be because we are only using it to input your business details and register an email address. Search for Twine or Twine Volunteer in the App Store (Apple Iphones) or the Play Store (Android/HTC phones) and look for our logo.

Once you've downloaded the app, open it and you should see the below!


Press "Register here" at the bottom. You will then see the following:


Tap where it says "User" to bring up the drop down, and select "Organisation". You will then see the following:


Fill this out with your details, and make sure you choose the correct email and it's typed correctly! Once you've done this you'll receive a welcome email from us, and it includes a link to create a password. This is valid for 24hrs only, so please check your junk and click that link! If you need to receive it again, you can trigger it by using any of the "Forgot Password" functions, on any of our tools.

This welcome email will also include your admin code, used to create Administrators on Twine Volunteer. Keep that email pinned or make a note of the code! It will work indefinitely. We can reset it if you need us to.

That's the end of the registration process. You can now use that account to sign in on Twine Visitor, Twine Volunteer and Volunteer's Data Dashboard. More info and links to those can be found on our product pages.

We appreciate this might be a bit confusing if you wanted to sign up to Twine Visitor, and we've asked you to use Twine Volunteer to do it. This is because one organisation account gets you access to both. If you really are sure you don't want to use Volunteer, you can simply delete the app from your smartphone. Your organisation will still have access to it, in the future, if you wish to check it out!

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